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 Terms and Conditions of Guarantee for Spare Parts
VOLWRECK PTY LTD shall grant a guarantee of 12 months on newly manufactured commercial vehicle spare parts. This guarantee shall not refer to exchanged parts and reworked old parts. The guarantee shall start as from the date of purchase stated on the invoice issued by BWTRUCKS PTY LTD and shall come into force until it is revoked. The guarantee case is the occurrence of a material defect (referred to hereinafter as “defect“) during the guarantee period which can be proven to have existed on the passing of risk from BWTRUCKS PTY LTD to the buyer in so far as this defect is not explicitly excluded from the guarantee on the grounds of the following terms and conditions.

In the case of guarantee BWTRUCKS PTY LTD shall make a new/replacement delivery of a part that is free from defect in accordance with the following terms and conditions. This shall conclusively include the costs for the part itself, the packaging and forwarding costs of the delivery to the person entitled by virtue of the guarantee.

The guarantee shall not cover claims to repair of the article delivered or replacement of the respective costs. Damages and the expenses shall similarly not be reimbursed by BWTRUCKS by virtue of this guarantee. The statutory claims to liability for material defects shall not be affected by this guarantee. Replacements for damage to other parts or to the body, life and health of people arising as a result of a defect in the part and any pecuniary loss resulting from this shall not be covered by the guarantee.

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